Questr an Open Source project for students to ask questions


In my spare time, I love working on side-projects. To build ideas I have for products or just to experiment with new programming languages, frameworks or tools.

There's an issue finding great resources for specific instructors. Resources like study guides, homework help, and worksheets that should be easily accessible. There should be an online community by students in college that's focused on helping students with their classes. Students that don't have classmates to study with and access to a tutor need a place where they can ask these questions about their homework. Questr, an Open Source platform providing students a place where they can ask questions related to their classes and professors. Which allows them to build online communities that are good enough to support themselves and other individuals.

  • Date October 2019 - present

  • Role: Full-Stack development, Design, and Marketing

  • Stack: React.js, Gatsby.js Apollo, GraphQL, Node.js, MongoDB, and Sass

  • Code: View Code Here

  • Deployment: Site is still in development and not deployed yet